Mortgage Loan Officer


Branch Manager


Net Branch Affiliate

Benefits of Joining Obsidian as a Loan Officer 

Mortgage Loan Officers at Obsidian enjoy unparalleled compensation and the ability to originate loans on three separate channels and from 100’s of loan programs.  Best of all, our inhouse team of processors and underwriters will work hard to make sure your loan closes on time and will provide you with 35 years of experienced expert advice on closing your loan and getting it funded. Our goal is to make your client feel like family while providing them with a loan program that 100% suits their goals of either home ownership or a great refinance or other program.


Branch Managers 

Branch Managers at Obsidian enjoy unparalleled earning potential and the ability to grow their own local branch. We recruit for you, help you to hire productive loan officers and expand your branch as you see fit. You hire the team you choose, you set your branch margins, and you pay your team via an Obsidian bank account we provide for you.  If you want to hire your own processor and Underwriter, you can do that too. Branch Managers must bring a active pipeline and have loans funding in order to be a productive branch with Obsidian. 

Affiliate Branch Managers are Branch Managers with one enormous difference. Their focus is on Mini Corr loans and for a flat fee of 2500 dollars a month, they can originate as many loans as they want for that flat fee. They can sign up loan officers and pay no additional fees for the branch. This used to be called Net Branching, but we call it Affiliate branching. 

Every Mortgage Loan Professional needs to gain experience to gain success. That means putting yourself on a path to career success. Obsidian believes in nurturing our Loan Originators to become Loan Officers and eventually Branch Managers. We provide mentors and hours and hours of training to help you hone both your marketing and sales skills to grow a robust pipeline and close loans.