Raymond Moatz

Obsidian Financial Services is more than just a broker; Raymond Moatz and his professionals make sure homeowners everywhere are given the best possible financing plan to achieve their dream home.

We’ve built ourselves on a platform of strong customer satisfaction, affordable rates, and complete trust. With fully licensed loan originators, we want to provide something more than just low rates; a partnership.  

Our Team

Raymond Moatz

Graduating with a civil engineering degree in 1989 from Old Dominion University, Raymond Moatz first entered the home building industry after starting his first company, NorthStar Homes. After selling it, he moved into the mortgage industry and in a few short years founded 1st Continental Mortgage in Fairfax, VA. This began Raymond’s journey into the mortgage realm, and for the next two decades, he accrued expert knowledge in the lending sphere. After experiencing some setbacks, he and Dianna Griffiths eventually formed Obsidian in 2016. Now, they’re licensed in 16 states and are HUD/Full Eagle and VR/SAR approved.

Since then, Ray Moatz has been dedicated to providing homeowners with lending programs they can afford, and with rates that make them happy and satisfied.

Dianna Griffiths

Having graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1996 with a degree in Finance, Dianna Griffiths accumulated over 20 years of mortgage banking experience in production, operational, and capital markets development. During this time she developed invaluable leadership and ownership skills that helped her develop multi-billion-dollar mortgage origination and securitization platforms. Dianna’s keen understanding of technology and has been working on the development of Obsidians proprietary retail-based company for over two years.

Once she and Raymond Moatz started Obsidian Financial Service, her invaluable experience was paramount in developing faster and more efficient processes to help originators close much more quickly.

Now, Dianna serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Obsidian Financial Service, Inc. She is instrumental in facilitating Obsidian’s vision to serve homeowners financing plans that best suite their budget and needs.

Obsidian Financial Service, Re-Established 2018

Obsidian Financial Group strives to provide our clients with the most flexible financing plans and lowest possible rates while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. As a full-service lender that cares deeply about each and every client, we take all Obsidian Financial services reviews seriously.

Though we’ve previously experienced some setbacks regarding faulty loan officers, we’ve analyzed the feedback, developed quick responses, and incorporated new structures into our business platform. We’ve grown as a result of this negativity, and for the learning experience, we’re grateful. Now, we can truly provide industry-leading customer satisfaction without worrying about our reputation suffering.

We undertook a momentous challenge in finding only the most positive employees and loan officers to handle your mortgage lending. Obsidian’s rock-solid core is strengthened even further when positive employees generate positive customers.

Easy Applications Lead to Happy Homeowners

Our Secondary Marketing Manager, Ray Moatz, helms Obsidian’s vision in providing homeowners easy and efficient application processes to find our clients the most flexible financing program. The goal at Obsidian isn’t just to provide loans but to provide happy homeowners the best possible Obsidian financial situation so they can live in the home they’ve always wanted.

2018 is a landmark year for our business. We’ve learned from our previous setbacks and have re-established our brand to elucidate trust, responsiveness, and of course, best-in-class customer satisfaction.